This Is How Ranbir Reacted on Rishi Kapoor’s Cancer Revealed Nitu Kapoor

It was shocking news for the tinsel town when legendary Rishi Kapoor was diagnosed with a rare disease. Everyone including his fans was sorrowful as they got the news that Rishi is leaving the country for a medical reason. Rishi Kapoor underwent treatment for the same since the past few months.

Earlier, on New Year, rishi’s wife, Neetu posted a picture of family and captioned it as “Happy 2019. No resolutions only wish this year !!! Less pollution traffic!! Hope in future cancer is only a zodiac sign !!! No hatred less poverty loads of love togetherness happiness n most imp. Good health.” The actress dropped a major hint on Rishi Kapoor’s illness and got everyone back home thinking if he was diagnosed with cancer.

And sometime back, filmmaker Rahul Rawail announced that Rishi is now cancer free in his latest post on Facebook. Mr Kapoor may have recovered as Rawail claims so in his post. Early morning, Rawail wrote it on his facebook. It could be read as, “RISHI KAPOOR (CHINTU) is CANCER FREE!!!!” He also posted a picture of his with him.

Now, Neetu Kapoor revealed how Ranbir reacted on this situation. When Rishi and Neetu got the news about Rishi Kapoor’s cancer, Ranbir Kapoor was travelling. When he came back, Neetu ji made him sit and explained the situation, which left him teary-eyed. For an hour or so, Ranbir was in a denial state, but later, he composed himself and got down to deal with the situation. The very next day, he went to Delhi to pick his father, and the two then flew to New York for Rishi ji’s treatment.

During this time, Neetu, Ranbir and Ridhima stood as a pillar for Rishi Kapoor. Talking about the same Rishi Kapoor told Mumbai Mirror, “Yes, all my siblings, my children and Neetu in particular, who has been like a solid rock, have been around me, supporting me through all this. Right now, my daughter and grand-daughter are with me. Ranbir keeps coming every five-six weeks. I am overjoyed by all the love and concern, the solidarity of my family. Here I have to make a special mention of my niece Natasha and my elder sister Ritu Nanda who is also here for the same reason. They were our anchors who kept Neetu and me going. When your anxiety is so high you need this kind of support and such motivational people around.”

Recalling the days when Rishi Kapoor didn’t feel like eating and how she used to trick him into trying the food, Neetu Kapoor had remarked, “Mujhe laga, I became his mother. Like, like he was my third child, khana, sona, dawaiyaan, jaise bacche ko look after karte hain. I just became a mother. A mother wants to do the best. My worry was when he didn’t eat. Around January, I think in every treatment there are days when you don’t want to eat…Then I thought what do I make to get him to eat? I used to play tricks around him, talk to the nurse about some restaurant and some good dish they have and then he would chip in saying ‘really? ok let us try that.”