This is why sleeping on right side might be killing you!

A good night’s sleep is imperative to stay healthy. An 8-hour long sleep is incredibly important for both physical and mental well-being. However, sleeping position is yet another important factor one must keep in mind to achieve good health.

Each individual’s sleeping position might vary according to his or her comfort.  But it turns out that people who sleep on their right side are prone to more health risks. This theory is based on Ayurveda’s holistic findings. While sleeping on one’s left side may be a ticket to good health and sound sleep, doing it other way can be extremely dreadful!

Before I tell you about why you should not sleep on your right side, let me first introduce you to the benefits you get by sleeping on your left side.

Improved digestion: Lying on your left will allow food waste to easily move from the large intestine to the descending colon. This further means that you are more likely to wake up with the urge to poop.

Good for heart: There is a reason that pregnant are advised to sleep on their left side. And that reason is that it improves circulation to the heart. You don’t have to be pregnant or a woman to avail this advantage, it goes same for everyone.

Relieves back pain: If you suffer from chronic back pain, you must switch to left-side sleeping as it relieves pressure on spine.

Reduced heartburn: Since stomach lies on the left side, sleeping in the same side reduces acid reflux symptoms, hence reducing the heartburn. In fact, the result is so immediate that if are are struggling with heartburn after a meal, try lying down on your left side for 10 minutes.

Below mentioned are the health risks that right-side sleeping brings along!

Numbness: Sleeping on right side restricts blood flow. You are likely to wake up with numbness.

Heartburn: While sleeping on left side reduces the heartburn, right-side sleep aggravates the condition.

Precancerous: since gastroesophageal reflux (GERD) is bad for esophagus, the muscular end region next to stomach could lead to cancer!


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