This uncle gave honest review of RACE 3 & we can’t stop laughing!

The multi-starrer and big budgeted ‘Race 3’ finally released yesterday with all the fanfare. It stars superstar Salman Khan in the lead role so obviously, the bar was set too high for this film. Most people predicted that the film would do really well and be a blockbuster. RAcE 3 is expected to add another feather in Salman’s hat.

However, Race 3 is getting mixed reviews from the audience. While there are many praises and applauds for the film, it is also receiving a lot of flak for its shallow storyline and unbelievable plot.

The story revolves around a family which is involved in criminal activities and is ruthless and vindictive when it comes to business matters. There are twists and turns in the story as every character’s real face and intention is revealed as the plot thickens and the story moves towards an equally gripping and intense climax.

Sounds good so far, right? Wrong. Despite the intriguing storyline, Race 3 has failed to live up to the expectations. Twitterati, as usual, has some very interesting stuff to say about the film.

An old uncle had some really useful insights for the film and he shared them with no filter at all. He spoke about the film about how he actually felt after watching it and we can’t stop laughing. WAtch what he actually said:


Here’s what the citizens of Twitter have got to say about Race 3:

  • This woman loved the film


  • This guy, on the other hand, thought the film was ‘horrible’


  • He feels he is ‘bewakoof’ to have watched the film


  • Meanwhile, the leading film journalist and reviewer Taran Adarsh said this:

  • Rajeev Masand, another popular and leading Bollywood journalist didn’t find the film all too interesting


  • Popular stand-up comedian Atul Khatri also quipped in:


  • Thi person thinks that RAce 3 has spoiled the ‘Race’ franchise


  • This guy has a funny take on the film:


  • Another witty take on Race 3


  • This guy compared Race 3 to a highly atrocious movie ‘Jaani Dushman’


  • Interestingly, fans of Salman Khan also found the movie disappointing


  • This guy feels that Race 3 will result in casualties











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