Jewellery is a vital part of every woman’s life. From silver, gold, diamonds to platinum, our jewellery boxes are full of these precious metals and stones. From gold necklace, rings, earrings to bracelets we have them all.

A big part of our income goes into investing into fine jewellery and we should consciously put an effort to maintain these so that they remain glittery and brilliant for years ahead. Maintaining jewellery is as important as purchasing them so that they don’t become lacklustre over a period of time.

Before we talk about the various tips on how to maintain and clean your jewellery, let’s understand what makes it lose it’s allure in the first place.

What Causes Jewellery to Tarnish?

There are several factors involved, however the most important one being – regular use! Yes, the longer you wear them, the sooner they lose their shine and glitter. This holds true for all precious metals and stones. Not just that, the jewellery tends to even get scratched, dented and sometimes break with daily use.

Apart from that below are some more factors:

  • Soaps: Most of us do not remove jewellery especially diamond and gold ones while taking a bath. The gold bangle designs, earring designs, simple gold necklace designs that we wear often have intricate grooves and over a period of time the soap builds up there causing it to form a thin film over the jewellery leaving it looking dull.
  • Chemicals: Gold metal is innate in its nature and a soft metal in its purest form. To make it sturdy, often it is mixed with other metals like silver, zinc or nickel to name a few. These metals have a tendency to react to various chemicals that are there in the detergents used for household cleaning, or even the cosmetics that we use. This causes the gold jewellery to lose its sheen and turn dark.
  • Chlorine: Chlorine is the biggest enemy of precious metal gold; with repeated exposure it weakens the gold jewellery structure making it suspectable to breakage.
  • Exposure to Light and Heat: Prolonged exposure to dust, light and heat can have adverse impact on the jewellery that we wear. High temperatures can cause some of the gemstones to bleach or even develop tiny cracks.
  • Wrong Storage: Storing the gold and diamond jewellery along with the artificial ones is the biggest blunder that we do! The metals react with each other and may cause discoloration.

Now that you understand the reasons, lets take a look at some tips and tricks to maintain your jewellery so that they continue to remain your pride.

  • Scrutinise your daily wear and heavy south Indian jewellery sets and diamond sets once in every 6 months. Check for any kind of dents or breakage and identify the need for polishing.
  • Make sure to store your jewellery separately into individual boxes preferably in which they have been bought. Since gold is a soft metal it can easily get scratched when stored along with precious stone jewellery or artificial jewellery. And if you don’t have those many boxes and have to store some pieces together, then ensure you wrap each piece in a soft cloth.
  • Always remove your jewellery while bathing, showering and cleaning. This will ensure that the soap doesn’t build in and also reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Make sure to remove your jewellery before you step into the pool or go for a spa treatment. This will avoid contact with chlorine.
  • Once in every 3 months, gently buff your jewellery pieces with a soft muslin cloth to remove any kind of dust and the shine can be restores almost immediately.
  • For intensive cleaning, soak your jewellery in the soap mixture prepared from mild detergent and warm water for 30 mins. Don’t soak your daily wear jewellery along with long haram set, it may cause the pieces to tangle.
  • Ammonia mixed with water is a very good cleanser for the jewellery. Mix one-part water with one-part ammonia and soak the jewellery in this solution for 30 mins for best results. You can also use soft bristle brush to remove the dirt which is making the jewellery look grim.

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