Tired Of Popping Pills All The Time, Here Are Some Ways To Avoid Menstrual Pain

During the monthly cycle of menstruation, a girl goes through a height of discomfort if a period cramp shoots up. Not just it causes discomfort but the pain can be unbearable sometimes. And in those desperate times, many women choose to take over the counter medicines for instant relief. But some of the doctors believe that those pills come with some side effects and there is a possible chance you might get used to it which might not be healthy for your body.

Young woman taking a pill while reading the bottle

Well, good news is that they are not your only resort. There are many different ways and home remedies which may help you to soothe your pain and make you feel much better.

Now talking about home remedies, there are many herbs and tonics available in your kitchen or in the market which can change your whole approach to tackle these situations. Throw some ginger, turmeric, tulsi and black pepper into boiling water and serve yourself an exotic herbal tea. Turmeric is known for sucking away the pain from your body and the warmth of pepper and ginger will calm those nerves down.

A gluten free Soup made of leafy greens or eating fruits like raspberry and strawberry can also help to ease away the main. But make sure that any of the food you take in these times doesn’t lead to bloating because it may worsen the pain. Caffeine, alcohol, salty or fatty foods can cause bloating.

Warmth can be your Bff when you are trying to avoid menstrual cramps. Be it any certain way providing warmth to your body can really heal your pain. You can apply a warm heating pad or drink hot fluids or just dipping your feet into a bucket of warm water.

Lately acupressure has also proven to be effective in giving relief to period pains. The trick is to put pressure in certain points of your body which will eventually generate calmness in the targeted parts. But before actually applying it to yourselves make sure to consult your ob-gyn as it might cause troubles for pregnant ladies or women with certain diseases.

Exercise and Yoga can also give you relief but it is recommended that you practice them regularly if you want to see some sustained impact.

Despite of doing such measure if you see no sign of relief to your pain then the best thing to do will be to consult your doctor ASAP before it get worse.

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