Tom Hanks, Shakira, Austin Butler, Kylie Minogue All Star Comes On A Comman Stage For Elvis Premiere

Have a look at red carpet pictures of Elvis’s Premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.

Elvis, directed by Baz Luhrmann, strutted up the Cannes Film Festival red carpet this evening for its global debut, which was met with thunderous ovation inside the Palais. The audience rose to its feet after the end credits of the Warner Bros. film, clapped in time before the lights came up, and stayed standing for 10 minutes, setting a 2022 festival record. However, many stars took to the red carpet and made a dazzling appearance.

Austin Buttler portrays Elvis Presley in the forthcoming biopic Elvis and he has the look, as he stood with his co-stars on Wednesday Cannes Film Festival’s red carpet pictures. The 30-year-old actor made an appearance with Kaia Gerber and showed they can’t help falling in love on the red carpet. The model and Elvis star were seen going in for a passionate kiss. The couple held each other’s heads with both hands before locking lips in the middle of the crowd. Kaia arrived at the premiere alone, while Austin, who portrays Elvis, appeared with his co-stars, including Tom Hanks and Olivia De Jonge. Kaia walked the red carpet alone in a gorgeous red halter-neck gown, while Austin wore a black suit and bowtie.

Meanwhile, on the red carpet, Shakira attracted attention in a gorgeous strapless black gown. The 45-year-old singer looked stunning in the figure-hugging maxi dress, which showed off her toned legs via a thigh-high split.

On the other hand, Kylie Minogue looked stunning in a black corset-detailed gown with a translucent neckline to show off her toned stomach and abundant endowments. The diva stood on the carpet in a pair of black high heels, her sparkle-adorned gown shimmering beneath the lights. She accessorized with a large silver necklace studded with green gems and styled her golden hair in delicate waves. Meanwhile, the film follows the rock & roll artist as he grows from a little child growing up in Memphis, Tennessee, to worldwide fame. Viewers will also get a peek of the overwhelming press attention he received, as well as watch Butler, play classic tunes like Jailhouse Rock, That’s All Right Mama, and Unchained Melody in front of loud crowds.

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