Top 6 Obstacles That Prevent You To Reach Orgasm!

Orgasm is the consummate sexual pleasure. It is ecstasy, a gift to feel completeness. However, just 65% of women reach the climax during partnered sexual activity. So, what prevents them from the ultimate pleasure? Is it psychological or something else? Let’s boast some undiscovered aspects.

Low Oxytocin Levels

Oxytocin, or the love hormone, has a connection with orgasms. It promotes feelings of intimacy and decides the intensity of orgasms. You can spend more time with your partner, cuddle and make bonds to increase your oxytocin levels to reach climax.

You Are Shy

Women are comparatively shy to express their sexual needs and feel cautious about making noises during love. Being vocal during intercourse allows you to orgasm longer and more often. Never suppress your emotions during sex.

Lack of Lubrication

Lack of lubrication makes your intercourse less pleasurable. And it is one of the prime reasons that prevent nearly one-fourth of women from attaining orgasm. Olive oil, mustard oil, coconut oil and egg white are some natural lubricants you may try with your partner.


Clinical studies find a link between impaired sexual arousal or orgasm and anxiety. An anxious woman is busy with numerous thoughts that are distracting from feelings of orgasm. There is also a feeling of guilt and shame. You can consult any clinical psychiatrist for your problem.

Lack of Hydration

Eight glasses of water a day is beneficial for your body and also for your sexual well-being. Proper hydration facilitates natural lubrication and helps you experience orgasm. It facilitates adequate blood flow to the body, including the vagina.

High Heels

It is an exclusive finding that high heels affect your climax! Studies reveal that they might harm your chances of reaching orgasm. Heels more than the two-inches impact your psoas muscles. These muscles connect your nerves to the pelvic floor and reproductive organs. Avoid high heels for a better experience in bed.

Most orgasm-related complications are lifestyle issues. Follow the mentioned tips to overcome any problems. Feel free to ask your partner about different positions and experiments for reaching climax more often.

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