Top Affordable Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2022; Checkout now!!

Let us break the stereotypical misconception going on. No, you don’t have to own a lot of money to have a happy relationship with your partner. The recipe for a healthy relationship includes ingredients like trust, honesty, love and understanding. We all deserve a partner who stands by our side through our ups and downs. Especially, under the pandemic situation, it’s very important for us to stay safe and sound. Money shouldn’t be the happiness defining tool for your relationship. Rather, your love and support for your partner should cut the mustard.

Let’s have a look at some valentine’s date ideas that are romantic as well as pocket-friendly.

Cook Together

This could go two ways, either you cook for your partner and surprise them with a homemade delicious meal or you, along with your partner, can cook together. Cookies or a cake or anything of your preference that suits you will work. You now have an amazing dinner with your partner at the comfort of your home.

Game Night/ Movie Night


Try board games, video games, movies, Netflix or some couple-games. Order some junk food and play fight. Stay up late at night playing your favourite game or watching your favourite movie. Sometimes, the simplest things like these turn out to be the best moments of the relationship.

Watch Sunset/Sunrise

Drive or hike to a location, camp up and watch the mesmerizing dusk or dawn, all cuddled up with your partner. Affordable and pleasant. Try to look for locations that are more private and less crowded.

Go Out For A Drive Date

Drives are underrated. We all can agree on that. Especially late-night drives. After dinner, go out for a drive, grab your favourite desserts, some soothing music and your loved one.

Picnic date

Avoid crowds. Even your backyard would work. Have some barbeques together. A small picnic, take some pictures and enjoy the weather.

Here were some ideas that might help you for this Valentine’s. Remember to follow the Covid guidelines and take care of yourself, your partner and the people around you. Enjoy!

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