Top Superfoods To fulfill The Deficiency Of Vitamin B12 In Vegans- Checkout!

Are you a vegetarian? Or you should consider yourself a vegan? Then you have to give some extra care to your diet. Yes! we all know that many proteins and vitamins can be consumed by non-veg food, but what about vegetarians? Due to being a vegetarian, you should face vitamin B12 deficiency. Deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to exhaustion, fatigue, lethargy et al. Also known as cobalamin, it helps boost metabolism and immunity.

The human body cannot be able to produce the B12 vitamin, thus it can be taken from meat, or vegans should advise obeying a strict diet. “Vegetarians and vegans should take special care of their diet. They must include vitamin-fortified foods in their daily diet to avoid vitamin B12 deficiency.”

We have brought some vitamin B12 rich foods for you.

Chickpeas: For people who are not consumed chicken they must eat chickpeas to fulfill the requirements of vitamin B12. Chickpeas do not only help to produce vitamin B12 but are loaded with fiber, protein, and several other essential nutrients.

Whey: whey is also one of those who will be helpful in a healthy diet. Whey is fortified with protein, vitamins, and minerals. You can use this whey water to cook dal, knead atta dough et al.

Spinach: As we are all aware of the benefits of spinach. It is considered a super house of nutrients that help you with overall growth. The best part of this, you can make a variety of dishes with it.

Yogurt: Yogurt is also made its place in health recommended foods. Thanks to its probiotics. Low-fat Yogurt is filled with vitamin B12 also. You can add Tofu or soya milk to your diet also.

Beetroot: Winter season brings beetroot and we would suggest you take full advantage of this vitamin-rich food. Experts suggest the inclusion of beetroot in your daily diet for a healthy and wholesome diet.

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