Tortoise shell Nails are Autumn’s Coolest Manicure Trend

From runways to social media, the newest trend in nail art is catching on fast: tortoiseshell nails. Many designers have used tortoiseshell as their preferred animal print for products and fashion. You can find this print in eyeglasses, handbags, jewelry and more. But who knew it would look so good as nail art? With the beautiful warm hues used to make this technique, this nail trend is bound to get even more popular this Autumn.

Summer brought the onset of fun and daring nail colors and designs. This Fall is going to be all about warm, inviting colors, and tortoiseshell print is the star of this mellow show. The beautiful parts about this print is its subtle class, its attention to fine detail, and subdued glamour.

This isn’t the first appearance of tortoiseshell nails in fashion circles. This nail pattern trended back in 2013, when Rodarte models sported tortoiseshell nails down the runway at New York Fashion Week. An ombre effect was used for this particular tortoiseshell print sighting, with two shade layering of a terra cotta clayish color and a reddish brown cinnamon. They were finished off with an ultra gloss top coat that sealed the deal for this glamorous look.

This print goes perfect with the season’s muted colors, as many tortoiseshell prints combined all our favorite Fall colors: warm oranges, browns, greens, reds and golds. Everything about tortoiseshell prints will make you want to spend a day in the woods, or a night cozied up in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa – basically any activity Fall-related.

The patterns seem almost inspired by nature, as the patterns are imperfectly beautiful just like nature. The technique is achieved with multiple layers of solid color and speckled dots, with a sort of gradient background effect. Think you’d rather try this technique at home instead of heading over to a nail salon? Well you’re in luck. Expert nail artists say that as beautiful and complicated as this effect appears, you can actually achieve this at home. All you need is about four or five different polishes, and a makeup wedge if you’re feeling especially artsy. The rest is up to your imagination, as this technique is all about creativity and random patterning.

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