5 things man wants in a woman

It is commonly said that women are complicated in their mental nature while on the other hand, men are quite easily understandable and undemanding. Whatever be the reason to backup this statement but in a relationship both the partners follow slight reroute paths. What men really look for in a relationship is not what drives a woman to fall in a relationship. As compared to men, woman takes more time to get reconciled in a relationship. But if settled once, they are the most committed and sacrificing towards their spouse. While men jump into a relationship in a simple and easy way and gets out with the same easiness. However, it is also found that if a man acquires someone matched with his requirements and what he craves for, even they can be in their relationship  whole -heartedly and with passion. Have a look at some traits, what men look for in the lady of their dreams…

  1. Unconstrained love

For all men out there, demands and conditions are the biggest turn off. Especially in a relationship, men wish to receive unconditional love, with no restrictions. And woman cohere often to the biggest mistake of making demands and putting ahead some conditions in return to the love they offer. It is a common issue among men, their lives easily make them frustrated and if the boredom sucks, its love that makes their life like a free-flowing leaf in water. These conditions are like hurdles in the path, and men may look for someone else to share their lives.

  1. Communicating and maintaining friendship

Instead of being an autocratic, men really look for someone who would be open for communicating in a relationship, in-short a real friendship, which he looks for. In many cases, rather as a sex partner or female companion, he really wants a better friend. It helps them to share their life through an active communication. Not only women, even men like to talk and be listened. Couples who supports better friendship are likely to enjoy long-lasting love, care and happiness.

  1. Physical relationship

To headway in a relationship, lovemaking has played an eminent role. Many couples fail to understand, what is the right role of sexuality in a relationship. It is a necessary blend in a relationship. It unites the couple so deeply in love. Men are much more bound to physical interaction than women as the sexual desires varies from both men and women. That is why, men are the fast beginners and women are comparatively slow starters. Women don’t feel necessity of sex very frequently while men want more sex.

  1. Consolation and encouragement

Each spouse in a relation, needs to support and encourage each other. Men needs it more, they are more addicted to constant support and never-ending encouragement. Men need to be tuned up by their partners in all the matters of life. And when he doesn’t receive such support, which is required, he might think about getting into another relationship for better consolation and being encouraged more.

  1. Loyalty and commitment

Needless to say, men truly look for the one who is committed and uncompromised in a relationship. It’s totally heart-breaking for men, if they find so, that their spouse is not loyal or less committed towards them. They just expect their partner to fully dedicate themselves in the relationship. Women with ‘roaming-eye’ is not liked by any men.

“The right man will not look at you with lust and callousness but with

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