5 ways to make your ‘Boyfriend’ Jealous

Being in a relationship for a long time can set a level of comfort which sometimes starts to make one of the partners feel like they can get away without putting in much effort. If this is the case with your boyfriend then you need to take charge of this situation before he can feel like he is over and above making contributions to the relationship.

The main cause of him not being as participative as before is because you have given him the space and the level of security which he thinks is okay. This does not happen overnight but takes a good amount of time and numerous forgivings by your side for his mistakes and forgetfulness.

Girls usually tend to adapt themselves to the needs of their guy and overtime adjust to such a great length that they forget to take a stand for themselves. Losing your respect in the eyes of your man will only result in losing his love for you. So this needs to be looked after well within time and should be done very carefully so that he doesn’t see right through it.

Make him insecure

Guys are very insecure about their things and hence their girlfriends but do not show it out. So the first thing to do is to know what makes him insecure like talking to other guys. This is one of the oldest tricks in the ‘jealous books’ but make sure that you don’t overdo it to the extent that he starts averting you.

Make yourself selectively available

After being in a relationship for a while, we girls make ourselves so available to the guy that he feels like he’s never going to lose you. Making him feel so is a good thing but don’t stretch it to a level where he feels like he can take advantage of you. Make him feel like even you have a life and you don’t need him all the time. This will send him a message that you are involved in other things that he’s not a part of.

Be a challenge

Guys love challenges. They always want what they cannot have or what is too much in demand. So make yourself a challenge to him by having a less caring attitude towards him. Don’t let him know that his actions bother you and let him know that you have 99 problems but he won’t be one.

Make him re-evaluate his bedroom stamina

Guys are always insecure about whether they have pleased their partner with their bedroom moves or not. They feel a sense of accomplishment when they see you satisfied after the act. So making him feel like he wasn’t good enough or that you’ve seen better makes him feel like he wasn’t good enough. For some men it is a hit on their ego.

Look your best

If you feel like you have lost your sense of dressing after being in a relationship, then maybe it is time that you get your fashion game on. A guy feels threatened when his girl looks pretty and it makes him feel like they will be other guys ogling you (something no boyfriend likes).

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