How to make up with your partner after a fight?

Being in relationship means sharing a special bond full of love and emotions with  the love of your life. Every relationship is different and unique in its own way. Being in love doesn’t always mean that you are showering love on each other all the time. Sometimes it goes through many fight and hussels. Every couple fights once in while . But it is your responsibility to get it  back on track again. Here are few steps to bring  your relationship back  to normal.

Couple fighting

Look beneath the argument. There’s a saying: “You’re never fighting for the reason you think.” It may look like you’re fighting about money, sex, or something else, but there’s usually some feeling underneath that hasn’t been fully expressed, maybe even something you hadn’t realised you were feeling. Identifying the root feeling can help you calm down and make up with your partner.

Communicate what’s most true for you in one sentence. Learn how to practice nonviolent communication. Telling your partner something like “I feel scared when I see you talking to other girls,” or “I feel angry I don’t have the money to pay for this right now” allows you to get to the core issue and often helps him or her to understand your feelings without arguing about it.


Take responsibility and apologize.  If you can find a way to own up to your part in the argument, without trying to blame or wrong yourself or your partner for it, it may open up a whole new dialogue. Use your apologies wisely ,It’s not an easy task to own up to your mistakes and take accountability for your actions.

Let go of being right. Wanting to win an argument is the surest way to keep it going. It’s a no-win situation and keeps you from truly connecting with your partner. There’s an old saying: “Would you rather be right, or be happy?”

Appreciate your partner. The sooner you two can experience some form of joy and lightheartedness, the better. Successful relationships have a five-to-one ratio of appreciations to criticisms.


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