Never Demand These Things From Your Partner

You don’t really want to come across as a control freak or a needy person in your relationship! Just as you wouldn’t like your partner to be selfish, dominating or egotistic. Instead you would want to be in a healthy relationship where both of you are able to nurture your relationship on an equal footing. For that both need to forego irrational demands. And here are five things women would never demand from their partners in an equal relationship:

You partner should like the same things you prefer

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that each partner needs to give up their individuality and go for same likes and dislikes. That’s practically not possible. So ideally you shouldn’t make your partner love everything you are fascinated with. There will be variety if both maintain individual tastes.

Your partner should give you all his time

Well, that won’t be healthy either. You wouldn’t really want your partner to cling to you all the time. Instead give each other space and that will only lead to deeper intimacy.

Your partner shouldn’t mingle with other women

If you demand this from your partner, then there could be trouble. To begin with, by making such demands you are proving that you really don’t trust him. Why be insecure? You won’t like it either if your partner stops you from interacting with members of the opposite sex.

Your partner should take care of all your needs

If you are self-reliant, you wouldn’t in all probability demand that. In an equal relationship, there is codependence, not overdependence. Both of you should take care of each other’s needs in equal measure.

Your partner should never change

We all change with time, don’t we? So you can’t really expect your partner to be the way he was when you two first met. That would be a tad unreasonable.

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