Did You Tried Retro Dating ?

You might have heard people complaining ‘why they don’t make love like that anymore’.  Did you ever felt like going back to those old golden days when love was much more than ‘sex’. Those golden habits of old days, when dating a person meant sharing a part of your life with them. So switch to those old golden days for a while and discover a new wave in your love life.

maxresdefault1:Those were the days when people used to write letters to each other, and make greeting cards. These are gestures which are cherished for a lifetime.

2: Dress like there is no tomorrow. Fill your closet with one or two pair of attires inspired from retro fashion. Just slip into them on the day of your date and discover the magic that unfolds.

3: Opening the doors of car, pulling a chair for her while you get seated for a date, helping her with her coat, all of these things makes her feel like she’s dating a gentleman.

4: Try to indulge in the car sex or the inevitable make-out session at the end of a date or a simple goodnight kiss is enough to feel those butterflies in your stomach.

5:Pick her up from her home. Get her bunch of her favourite flowers. Make sure to greet her family members as well. What is romance, if it is not classy?

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