6 Foolproof tips for a great sex life

Quoting like a scientific fact, “sex is one of the main needs for every human being.” It’s the process which allows birth of another human being and also one of the greatest practices to feel the closest to your partner yet many women still feel completely clueless about sex. Some women are not able to derive pleasure out of the act. It shouldn’t be in our nature to deal with bad sex. But we can’t pin the blame solely on the men for it. Some men can be just as inexperienced when it comes to the female body.

There are other tips out there that are ideal for the aspirant bedroom bombshell but you should start with the basics first. With these sex tips, you can achieve your dream of perfect sex life.

Practice the art of pleasuring yourself

How can you expect your partner to make you feel on top of the world if you don’t know how to pleasure your own self? Women masturbate and they should. It’s healthy. Clear an hour off your day and try to explore your body. Your goal should be to find out where you would like to be touched and how you would like to be touched and not orgasm. Relax, if you aren’t able to find everything on your first go. But sooner or later you would find your body slowly opening up to these amazing sensations. Tell your man about your discoveries, as it might turn him on as well.

Learn how to say “no, stop and slow down”

Sex involves 2 people therefore both should derive pleasure out of it. If you don’t like what he’s doing then it’s your duty to tell him even if he seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly. Learning to say these words can change your sex life for good. In this way you both would understand each other’s kinks more and help each other achieve the ultimate pleasures

Persuade him

Moaning softly or whispering words of encouragement will definitely make him feel confident with what he is doing. It would make him feel hornier than ever. Also you can softly guide his hands to where you want to be touched controlling the speed and pressure he is using. When he sees just how good he becomes at turning you on, it can be a huge stroke for his ego as well.

Kegels exercises are your new friend

These little pelvic floor exercises consist of flexing the muscles you use when you’re trying to hold your urine in. 20 in a row, a couple of times each day help nice and strong. Major benefit of the Kegels exercises are involved in keeping your muscles down there toned and the more toned they are, the more sensitive you can be to even the slightest sensations. In this way you would be prone have stronger orgasms. Plus Kegels exercises while having sex will send you to on a pleasure trip.

Don’t stress over orgasm

One of the basic things noticed about orgasms are that the more you think about them, the less likely they’ll happen. Thinking more about it will create stress and you’d less likely reach your destination. So the best thing you can do is to allow yourself to feel everything. It’s okay if you suddenly get distracted when your partner changes paces or switches positions. You can just pick up the pace again. If you’re not feeling with what he’s doing, you can simply help him a little by touching yourself or taking control.

Peeing right after the deed

Cuddling after sex is adorable but on a healthier note you need to do head over to the bathroom for a leak. This is one of the best preventative measures for urinary tract infection out there. This is one of the simplest yet the best way to avoid U.T.I.s



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