Trollers Call Nia Sharma ‘Ugly’, She Gives A Mouth Shutting Reply

Nia Sharma is no stranger to controversies. There’s no denying that Nia Sharma has a huge fan following. But there are also some people who troll her for outfits and makeup. The actress has often faced social media roasting for posting photos in perceived provocative outfits. Last month, Nia had posted the photos of her see-through outfit from the Gold Awards. Soon after posting the photos, the actor was mercilessly trolled.

Nia is known for experimenting with her looks. While a few applaud Nia for her bold style statement, many people even criticise her for going a step ahead with her boldness. Not just that, people even criticise her makeup and say that she looks ‘black’ and ‘ugly’. However, there are some people who root for Nia’s boldness and her courage to post such pictures on social media. Haters never leave any stone unturned in criticising her and sometimes cross limits by using foul language.  Here are some kinds of trolls she always faces:






But Nia is a confident lady who knows how to handle all these trolls. She has no time to care about the trolls and always prove that she’ll live her life the way she wants too. The actress never lets them get to her. In an Instagram post, Nia decided to shut the mouth of all her haters and gave a sassy reply. Check out the post:

Last time when she had faced online trolling, she had told a newspaper, “There was a lot of theatre and drama to the outfit. Red carpets call for some drama and when you get the chance, seize the day. I can’t go for the usual run-of-the-mill outfits. If I wear a regular-looking ensemble and look pretty, I feel it isn’t enough. When you walk the red-carpet, you need to step it up. I believe a girl is never overdressed.”

You go, girl!


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