Trouble in paradise: This popular celeb couple to end 10 years of marriage!

2017 was a year of love. A lot of celebs got hitched and welcomed marital bliss. In fact, we were concluding the year on a super high note with Virat and Anushka’s wedding. Everyone is still gushing over the pictures and videos from their wedding ceremonies. But looks like, the year is not ending on as merry note as we thought it would.

Television popular couple Juhi Parmar and Sachin Shroff filed for divorce and are ending their 10 years of marriage. Kumkum fame and ex-Bigg Boss winner Juhi Parmar has taken her marriage with Sachin (who is also a famous face in Indian television) to Bandra Family Court. The duo has filed divorce with a mutual consent. They both have a 5-year-old daughter Samaira and it remains to seem who will get her custody.

The couple got married in February 2009 after a five-month courtship. Their wedding was a royal affair, held at a palace in Jaipur. It was also one of the top 50 royal weddings in Jaipur. But now, the adorable couple has been living separately for almost a year now.

Juhi and Sachin tried a lot to resolve the issues and got a lot of friends, family and will-wishers on board to reconcile but nothing really worked. Things turned sour for them in 2011 but the arrival of their little daughter Samaira somewhat reconciled the two. But even this failed to work for longer run.

The reason behind their divorce is not exactly known. Earlier in an interview, Sachin had once said, “One thing that annoys me about Juhi is her anger. She is short-tempered and I am the exact opposite.” Whereas, Juhi had quipped that Sachin’s habit of forgetting things frequently, annoys her a lot.

So is it Juhi’s short-temper and anger issues that has taken the toll on their decade long marriage? Sachin’s absence on the launch of Juhi’s mythical show ‘Karmphal Data Shani’ had everyone talking about the couple’s differences.

Anyway, their marriage is officially gonna end in next 5-6 months. And apparently, the custody of their little munchkin Samaira will be given to Juhi.


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