Tunisha Had Stopped Eating A Day Before Her Death, Told Her Mother – “I Want Sheezan Back In My Life”

Tunisha Sharma’s death has left everyone in shock. Everyone from Bollywood to TV celebs are mourning the death of the late actress.On Saturday 24 december, Tunisha Sharma died by hanging herself on the set of Ali baba-Kabul-E-Dastan. After The Actress suicide Her mother filed a case against her co-actor and Boyfriend Sheezan Khan. She claims that Sheezan used her daughter and cheated her that’s why she took this drastic step.

Tunisha had expressed her desire to get Sheezan back from her mother.

During the new revelation, Tunisha Sharma’s mother said that the day before the actress committed suicide, she told her that there was one thing in her mother’s heart that I should tell myself. I want Sheezan. Tunisha told her mother, “I want Sheezan back in my life, but he doesn’t listen to me. Can you talk to Sheezan sometime?” Tunisha’s mother then called Sheezan and asked him to return to her daughter’s life, to which Sheezan said, “I’m sorry.”

Tunisha had stopped eating and drinking a day before the suicide.

Sheezan told police that Tunisha did not eat or drink anything the day before the suicide. Sheezan tried to feed the actress on the day of the accident, but the actress didn’t eat anything that day either. Sheezan said – Tunisha was asked to walk around the set, but she said she would come later. When Tunisha did not appear on the set for a long time, I went to the dressing room and knocked on the door. When there was no answer, he and the others kicked the door. Tunisha was taken to the hospital after she hanged herself in her room.

What did the mother call the driver and ask?

On the day of the accident, Tunisha’s mother called the late actress’s driver to inquire about her condition. The mother of the actress told the police: “I called the driver of Tunisha about 20 minutes before the suicide. At this time, the driver said that Tunisha was sitting with Sheezan and eating. Then something happened and Tunisha committed suicide.” he said.

Tunisha had tried to kill herself earlier also

Sheezan, an accused in a suicide case in Tunisha, made shocking revelations about the actress during a police investigation. According to police sources, Sheezan told police that Tunisha had tried to kill herself days before the suicide but was later rescued. Moreover, he admitted that he told Tunisha’s mother about this.

Tunisha died 15 minutes after having lunch with Sheezan

The Tunisha suicide case is being thoroughly investigated by police. While the police previously stated that the actress was not pregnant, the investigation has revealed that Sheezan and Tunisha had lunch together in the make-up room at 3 a.m. on the day of the incident. Tunisha committed suicide 15 minutes after finishing her lunch. The police are now investigating what happened between 3 p.m. and 3.15 p.m. that prompted Tunisha to take such drastic action.