Turquoise Gemstone: Here’s How It Can Affect Lives Of December Borns!!

After a bumpy ride, the conclusion of 2021 is just a few weeks away. The end of the year is typically a mix of happiness and disappointments. Throughout the year, people begin to reflect on their decisions, the good and terrible times, the errors and rewards, and the best and worst memories. People born in December, however, have something to look forward to in addition to the regular festivities, as this month marks the addition of another milestone in the lives of December babies. And what better way to celebrate than giving yourself, your closest friend, or a family member the most appropriate December birthstone? For these reasons, give them a turquoise stone.


Who can wear it?

Made with an exquisite hue of green-blue, one of the most popular December birthstones, Turquoise is an extremely rare, trusted, and widely tested gemstone. Ruled by Venus, it is traditionally a symbolic crystal of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. Often gifted to December-born people or couples celebrating their 11th Wedding Anniversary, this remarkable stone is worn by Scorpions, Sagittarians, Aquarians, and Pisceans.

How and when to wear it?

Gemstones and Vedic Science experts suggest that turquoise should be worn after sunrise on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday to attain its best healing benefits. While most people prefer using gemstones in rings, nowadays, gemstones like Turquoise can be fitted in pendants and similar other jewellery pieces with various fashionable trends. In case you choose to wear a Turquoise ring, always wear it on the right-hand ring finger, preferably during the Shukla Paksha on a Thursday morning.


Why should you wear turquoise-studded jewellery?

Turquoise, according to experts, enhances perception, boosts focus power, provides clarity and accuracy, and supports a confident way of expressing inner thoughts. This amazing gemstone is known for bringing good success in the realms of media and entertainment, education, artistic endeavours, and fashion. Turquoise stone is said to help with mental health disorders such as stress, depression, panic attacks, and anxiety, in addition to its many astrological advantages. It also has various physical health and lifestyle advantages, including as relief from asthma, migraines, and excessive drunkenness.


Final thoughts

Among celebrities, the turquoise stone is well-known. In fact, during the 87th Academy Awards in 2015, Cate Blanchett’s Martin Margiela gown took a back seat to her aquamarine, diamond, and turquoise necklace, which stole the show. It is a phenomenal gemstone with extraordinary healing benefits. Gift it to a December-born family friend or relative or maybe to yourself and see your life-transforming for the better. Don’t forget to take proper astrological assistance before finally wearing it.

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