Twinkle Khanna Calls Men ‘Dessert’; See How Netizens Reacted!

Twinkle Khanna at her book launch was asked by Akshay Kumar if men are ‘irrelevant’. In her witty style, Twinkle called men ‘dessert.’ Her new book is titled Welcome To Paradise. At the event, Akshay who was at the venue, asked her if men are ‘irrelevant’ as the lead characters of Twinkle’s book are women.

Twinkle Khanna answered a question from husband-actor Akshay Kumar during her book launch and responded witty.

Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

On Saturday, Twinkle shared a glimpse of the segment from the event and revealed her answer for those, who also might feel so. Akshay Kumar asked her, “All the main characters are all women. So I just want to know whether men are irrelevant,” and left people at the event laughing. To this, Twinkle described men as dessert.

Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

Twinkle Khanna’s reply to Akshay Kumar

She said, “No, you need dessert right? To be happy. So men are important for us to enjoy ourselves and indulge. And I think that a lot of this that I could do is including going to study. I would not been able to do it if he didn’t hadn’t supported me the way he has.” Twinkle shifted to London with her daughter Nitara for some time, while she enrolled for a Masters in Fiction Writing at the prestigious Goldsmiths, University of London.

Instagram user questions Twinkle Khanna

Image credit: Twinkle Khanna/ Instagram

Sharing the post, the former actor wrote on Instagram, “At the book launch he stumped me with this question about Welcome to Paradise and my brain had to do a few cartwheels to come up with a suitable answer. What answer would you have given if you were in my place? While reading the book did you feel that men were irrelevant.”

While many praised Twinkle for her witty answer, one user was disappointed about Twinkle calling men ‘dessert.’ The person commented, “Can we call women “a dessert” and get away with it?” The Mela actor replied, “You can’t but you can blame centuries of patriarchy for your current predicament (smiley face) humor is always about punching up and not down.”