Twinkle Khanna Gets Violent In Viral Video. Check Out Why?

We all know Twinkle Khanna as the doe-eyed beauty. An epitome of the classiness and elegance of a royal, she certainly knows how to behave in society. Drama is just not her thing and yet her viral video on the gram took a turn towards violence.

The celebrity was recently in the news for her comment on hubby, Akshay Kumar’s post. She asks him to quit with the ‘stunts’. But if that’s not enough sass (hidden by love)  for you, then we have more.


The celebrity took to Instagram to release a video. In the video, Twinkle is seen in a cute pajama set. But nothing else in the video was as cute as that. Shockingly she wielded a large knife in her hands. The video moves along with her using the knife in a ‘hacking’ motion towards the viewer. If that was not enough to get your attention, check out her hashtag captioned as #dressedtokill.

If you are wondering about the context of the violence, her caption gives away a much less scary explanation. Here is what it says, ” What I really want to do when I am compelled to exchange pleasantries and make small talk at large parties”.

Responding to her post, fans laughed away, some even called her ‘funny bones’. We agree she does have a good sense of humor. Finally, we are more glad that her menacing video was really more cute than villainous. Don’t you agree as well?

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