Twitter Slams Taylor Swift For Taking Up Spot On Hollywood Directors Panel; Says, “What Is This BS?”

After it was announced that Grammy winner Taylor Swift would be kicking things off with Hollywood trade magazine Variety’s Director on Director series with Martin McDonagh, the news met a huge backlash.

The singer, who has directed only one short film so far, has been ranked ahead of many renowned filmmakers. After that, news broke that Taylor would make her directorial debut with an original script produced by Searchlight Pictures.

The lineup was announced on Thursday. It includes award-winning filmmakers James Cameron as well as Francis Ford Coppola. It includes young breakout filmmakers Ryan Coogler as well as Sarah Polley.

Fans of films expressed their displeasure over the situation. They tweeted, “Taylor Swift who directed 1 (one) short film in the same lineup as Ryan Coogler and Rian Johnson lmao,” “What is this BS?????? yt (sic) mediocrity really be prevailing but what do you expect from Hollywood.”

The timing of the news of Taylor’s directorial debut was being questioned by fans. It contained little information. But it appeared to support the singer’s future plans as a filmmaker.

On the other hand, Swifties (Taylor Swift’s fans) are expressing their excitement. They tweeted, “She is directing a full on movie now chill.,” “Excited for this! so much talent (scarf and film emojis).”

Taylor released a ten-minute short film for her song All Too Well in 2021. It starred Sadie Sink and Dylan O’Brien. The song depicts a duo in a tumultuous relationship. It is nominated for two nominations at next year’s Grammy Awards. It includes Song of the Year and Best Music Video.