Unbelievable! Salman Khan REJECTED An Iconic Role In Baazigar- The Reason Will Shock You!

Salman Khan, known as Bollywood’s bhaijaan, is and has been, for many years, the most famous actor in Hindi cinema. Salman Khan’s superstardom in India is unparalleled, as his mere appearance at an event draws massive crowds. Salman has appeared in several iconic films, but did you know he was first cast in Baazigar? This movie was a turning point in Shah Rukh Khan’s career.

Baazigar, SRK, Shilpa Shetty

As Salman Khan explained why he didn’t like Abbas-screenplay Mustan’s for Baazigar, the whole industry took notice.

When Salman Khan appeared on The Kapil Sharma Show, a comedy-reality program, he discussed the movies he had turned down and how they changed the lives of the people in them. But the mention of the Shah Rukh Khan classic Baazigar got people talking. Salman confessed that the filmmakers Abbas-Mustan had given him the “Vicky Malhotra” part in their film Baazigar. The actor stated that the role was “too gloomy” for him. He also advised that Abbas-Mustan bring in the mother figure to soften the character’s journey. In his words:

“Although Baazigar was likable, I considered him to be too gloomy. Because of this, I requested that Abbas-Mustan include a figure who would operate as a mother figure.”

Salman Khan went on to say that the filmmakers Abbas and Mustan had first made fun of his idea to include a mother in the plot. The actor said that the idea came from his famous father, Salim Khan, widely considered to be one of the best screenwriters in Indian films.

Salman Khan said Abbas-Mustan weren’t willing to include a mother aspect in Baazigar, so they signed Shah Rukh Khan after he turned down the part. Abbas-Mustan phoned him after the movie to express their gratitude for his suggestion of the mother angle. Salman recalled the incident and said:

“The two brothers mocked us, calling our plan cliché. His father suggested he do this for his mom, so he did. However, SRK signed the film as we left, and then we went. Abbas-Mustan attended the screening. The mother concept you had, na, we are adding to the film, they remarked to me when they were done with the whole thing. Appreciate it.”