I am a pretty 16-year-old girl studying in class 9. There is an embarrassing situation which I am facing. There is a girl in my class who always latches on to me, as if we are pals which we are not. I just cannot shoo her off. The irritating part is that she hugs and even kisses me on the check often, saying she loves me!! My other friends who see her this behavior say that she is showing lesbian tendencies. The very idea repulses me terribly…for I am very straight!! Could this be true? What can I do to stop her unwanted attentions? Please advise.

Adolescents are often attracted to members of their own sex for some time and this is due to the sudden spurt of sex hormones which flood their bodies. Usually, this is a temporary phase and as they reach adulthood they are very clear about their orientation.

Since you are uncomfortable about this girl’s behavior, tell her frankly that you do not like to be touched in any way. If she feels offended, it cannot be helped. This is better than suffering in silence. Tell this in a nice way, and she will understand. In all probability,she herself does not know why she feels this way!! If she stalks you, ask your other friends to surround you and whisk you away from her.!!

We are two college girls sharing a rented two: bedroom flat. For two years now, we are having a very companionable relationship. Last month, for the first time,my flat mate brought her boyfriend home and he stayed the night in her room. Now, he does this almost twice a week and I am very uncomfortable with this. If our flat owner knows about this, we will be evicted in no time too. I have told her about my feelings, but she says I have no right to interfere in her business. What can I do?

When you share a premises with another, it is wise to draw up some rules and regulations at the outset. If you had said that no boyfriend should be allowed night stay, it would have been easy to confront her. But, evidently, no such rules were made, making your position very delicate.

If she refuses to listen to your request, you will simply have to lump it, or leave. If you do leave the place, she could it difficult to pay the whole rent by herself, and this could her agree to your demand. As a last resort, you could inform your owner, but this could result in both of you getting throw out. The best course of action is to settle the matter amicably for after all, you have been good friends for a long time.

My boyfriend wants to have sex, now that we are together for 2 years. I am not agreeable to this, for I want to remain a virgin till I get married.He calls me an old fashioned prude, claiming no one values virginity anymore. We are both 17 years old. Please advise.

You should definitely not agree to his demands, not only because you have your stand on the subject but because you are both legally under aged for sexual relations, and can get penalized by the law.

When there is no commitment, and the boy jilts the girl for some reason of other, she feels cheated, and used. Whether one likes it or not, women are romantic and sentimental and attach a lot of emotion to intercourse, although for the man, it often, is simply a pleasurable physical act.

Intimacy could also cause infections like STDs, AIDs, and such like. All things considered, refuse to comply and stick to your stand even if he uses emotional blackmail to make you succumb. It may make him abandon you, but you will feel good in your own eyes.

I have a problem. I am a 18-year-old girl who is deeply in love with a 25-year-old soft ware engineer. The issue is that I am 5”taller than him, for to my 5’10”he is only 5’5”. I don’t mind the difference but we have to face a lot of ribbing from friends,and I can see that it hurts him. Also, although I love wearing heeled footwear, now he does not want me to do so. Sometimes, I wonder whether our relationship is going to be disastrous. What do you advise?

If you just look around a little, you will see that there are many couples having taller wives, and who are very happy too together. It all depends on your attitude. Just ignore the teasing, which will stop when you stop reacting to it, anyway. It is mean to body shame anyone, although it is quite rampant nowadays. Just say things like “he may be shorter but he is smarter than me”or “he says he loves looking up to me,”etc,etc, which will make your partner comfortable.

If, however, he resents your height deeply, perhaps you should have second thoughts about your relationship, as this resentment could spill into other aspects of your life. Also, do you feel comfortable about his putting restrictions on your choice of footwear? It is a small matter but could snowball into a major issue. So take your time in making this life time decision.