Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif were one of the most adorable and loved couples in Bollywood. The two shared a romantic relationship for many years but this relationship couldn’t last long. Katrina fell in love with the younger Ranbir Kapoor and left Salman Khan who found love in Lulia Ventur. During the course of the years when they were together, Salman and Katrina were considered as one of the hottest couple in Telly Town and people had full expectation that the two would get married.

While the two were together, they made a number of public appearances together. On one such outing, the couple went on to attend the wedding ceremony of Bina Kak’s daughter. Salman Khan is known throughout the industry for his friendship and the way he nurtures each one of them. He keeps a special place booked for the people, who have been part of his journey called life. However, it is the special bond he shares with Bina Kak and her family that shows off his other side which is away from all the glam.

Now Bina Kak has taken to her Instagram channel and posted a throwback picture of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif visiting the wedding ceremony of her daughter Amrita Kak. Captioning the pictures, she wrote, “This day 9 years ago my house was full of friends, family, extended families n relatives preparing n celebrating Chhoti n Riju’s marriage 28th morning was mehndi n huldi..Next morning was the chuda ceremony ..I want to thank everyone for making it special n blessing my children ..I wish Choti ,Riju n Jawahar a long ,happy ,healthy years of togetherness ..Miss you guys”. Take a look at the pictures below: