Uorfi Javed Criticises Jaya Bachchan For Slamming Pap; Says, “Let’s Not Be Like Her”

TV and social media personality, Uorfi Javed is known for her impeccable fashion sense. But besides this, she is also famous for her outspoken and straightforward nature. Javed’s explosive statements about other celebrities often grab headlines. A similar thing happened recently.

Uorfi, who cannot keep mum on happenings around her, took to her IG handle to slam veteran actress-turned-politician, Jaya Bachchan for her behaviour with paparazzi.

It is known to one and all that Jaya Bachchan does not share a great rapport with shutterbugs. She is quite strict when it comes to obliging for pictures. Time and again, her encounters with paps have hit headlines. In a recent turn of events, Jaya blew up photographers. When one of them lost their balance while clicking the pictures of the actress, she wished for his fall by saying, “I hope you double and fall.”

This incident did not go down well with netizens and similar to them, even Uorfi has now shown her disappointment with Jaya Bachchan. Sharing her thoughts on it, the Bigg Boss OTT contestant wrote on her Instagram story, “Did she just say ‘I hope you double and fall’. Please let’s not be like her, let’s hope all of us only rise. Be it the one behind the camera or in front. People won’t respect you because you’re elder to them or more powerful, they’ll respect you if you’re nice to them.”

In continuation, Uorfi penned in her next story, “Trust me sometimes I hate it too that I’m so opinionated, I wanna control but dayum this mouth. I know I’m ruining my work opportunities by speaking up but yaar chup nahi raha jata. I feel when you’re quiet on matters that don’t bother you, it shows how entitled you are. Apne ghar paani bijli aati hai, toh jinke ghar nahi aati unke liye hum kyun bole. Yeh wo waali baat lagti hai mujhe! (I feel it’s the same as not caring about people who do not have access to electricity and water just because you have it!).”

On a concluding note, Uorfi asked everyone to take a stand on such episodes, “I know all human beings can never be at an equal level but at least we all can get equal opportunities to grow – for that we all need to raise our voices.”

For the unknown, Uorfi Javed respects the paparazzi a lot. She has a good equation with them. She credits them for her success. Earlier, Uorfi had also said that if she could, she would have given each photographer a car and a house as a gift.