Uorfi Javed Goes To File Police Complaint As Group Of Teenage Boys Abuses & Harasses Her Over Phone Calls!

There is not a single day that Uorfi Javed is out of the headlines. She is grabbing everyone’s attention with her stint in Splitsvilla X4. Her link-up with co-contestant Kashish Thakur became the talk of the town. But personally, the Bigg Boss OTT diva is going through a tough time as a group of teenage boys is harassing her through calls.

As most know, Uorfi has garnered more criticism than praise in her lifetime. Her clothing choices have stunned everyone. Sunil Pal, Hindustani Bhau, Chetan Bhagat, Chahatt Khanna, and Farah Ali Khan were some of the famous personalities who have put her to shame in the past. Ranveer Singh, on the other hand, is a rare big name who calls her a ‘fashion icon.’

Uorfiaved took to her Instagram stories to call out a user named Vansh Rohira and his group of friends for harassing her. She wrote, “This kid and his 10 friends have been calling me nonstop (I have been using the same number for 10 numbers, I don’t know from where did they get it). They are calling and abusing me. What is wrong with kids these days? Harassing me for no reason! I am going to file a police complaint against the 10 of them but if anyone knows their parents, let me know. I’ll reward you!”

In an unexpected twist, the teenager ended up re-sharing Javed’s story as if it were a point of pride. On the other hand, Uorfi continued, “The next generation is doomed! This kid is even resharing the story with so much pride. This kid and his friends prank call and abuse girls and then flaunt it instead of being sorry!”