Uorfi Javed Steps Out In Purple Outfit, Fans Troll Her ‘Umbrella’ Look

Bigg Boss OTT fame Urfi Javed is always in the headlines for her unique and quirky fashion. Recently, the actress was spotted in a stunning red dress, looking incredibly hot. Fashion Diva is well-known for her unconventional and unique fashion ideas, and her posts featuring new dresses often go viral.

Uorfi Javed keeps everyone guessing about what she’ll wear next in front of the camera. Her dressing sense always surprises people, and the mention of Uorfi’s name often leaves them curious about her latest fashion statement.


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Uorfi Javed’s unique fashion and dressing sense consistently capture people’s attention. Fashion diva Uorfi Javed continues to grab attention with her eccentric dressing style.

Once again, Uorfi is in the spotlight, this time for her purple-coloured dress. In the picture, Uorfi Javed is flashing a lovely smile. Fans are commenting that she looks like an angel in the tagged dress, while others playfully compare her to an alien.


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Uorfi Javed’s Viral Latest Look

While some users are praising Uorfi Javed’s unique style, others playfully comment that after the mosquito net attire, she’s now strolling around as a walking umbrella. Fans are expressing diverse opinions, adding humour and variety to their reactions.

Urfi Javed

Fashion Diva continues to make headlines with her distinctive looks. While fans appreciate her style, trolls find humour in her fashion choices. Recently, her attire with thorns went viral, and now her new look is generating both praise and playful teasing on social media.

Urfi Javed

She has been no stranger to attention, previously being trolled for her Mesh Dress, where she wore a short top and a matching skirt.

Uorfi Javed’s fashion choices, including her unique dress and veil, caught the special attention of the paparazzi. Her bold and carefree demeanour often makes headlines, and fans are consistently drawn to each of her looks. Urfi remains active on social media, sharing glimpses of her distinctive style.