Urfi Javed’s Getting Rape Threats, Shared A Post On Rape Threats, Wrote- “No One In India…”

Urfi Javed is known for her boldness in the entertainment world. She has surprised people with her fashion sense many times. Not only this, Urfi also faces trolling on social media due to her different style. But the actress has never been affected by trolling. However, it has also been seen many times that while trolling Urfi, people cross the limit and start threatening the actress. On this, Urfi Javed has shared a post and told that no one helps her in such times.

Urfi Javed’s Post

Urfi Javed has shared a note on the story of her Instagram account, in which she has told that she has faced rape threats, hate speech and insolence. At the same time, she also told that the complaints lodged with the cyber police in India are rarely acted upon.

Urfi Javed

Urfi wrote on Insta post, ‘There is no cyber law in India. Police and cyber cells take very hard to note complaints lodged. That’s why people are afraid to register their complaints. People openly harass you, abuse you and threaten you with rape online. I don’t understand why we have to ignore this?’

Urfi Javed

Let us tell you that Urfi Javed has stunned people many times with her boldness. She has also shared semi nude pictures many times. Recently, she shared a video, in which she was seen wrapped around her body. On this occasion also people trolled the actress, to which Urfi replied that there is a meaning behind this video, how Indian women are given shining jewelry to look beautiful at their wedding and it is decorated with flowers. But in reality she cannot even walk properly nor spread her wings. Although this is not for the women of our generation, but for the women of the old generation. Urfi has similarly responded to trolls many times in the past.