‘Using My Name’: Charu Asopa Reacts To Rajeev Sen’s Claim That He Is In Touch With Her

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen were making headlines for a long time now due to problem of their married life.

Charu Asopa has reacted to her estranged husband Rajeev Sen’s claim that he’s still in touch with her. In a recent interview, the Mere Angne Mein actress found out that Rajeev has been messaging her on WhatsApp for the last week and brought that it initially looked ‘bizarre’ to her.

She shared that it changed into unexpected for her to receive messages from Rajeev and doubted if he is cooking some thing.

“For the past week, he has been sending me messages like ‘good morning’, ‘have a good day’ and ‘good night’. I send him well mannered replies. Before that, we communicated regarding our divorce procedure. So, it seemed weird. I was amazed by using the suddenness of the scenario and had a feeling that something was brewing. So now I am getting to know why he was sending me the messages,” Charu told E-times.

Charu Asopa similarly accused Rajeev of the using of her and their daughter Ziana’s call to growth views on his YouTube vlogs. “It is largely to get some thing on me to talk about. He has realised that his everyday vlogs don’t fetch him views. However the minute he talks about Ziana and me, the numbers shoot up. I don’t recognize what he is thinking or saying. You trouble a person and when she shares her problems, you accuse her of playing the victim card for sympathy,” she delivered.

At some stage in the interplay, Charu Asopa was also requested about the update on her and Rajeev’s divorce to which the actress stated, “I don’t intend to waste a minute in this. I need to move on for my daughter and myself. Best if I move on will I be able to focus completely on her. We want to part ways amicably. We along side our legal professionals are meeting on November 30. I am hoping he comes.”

Charu Asopa and Rajeev Sen tied the knot in June 2019 and welcomed their first toddler, a infant female last year. But, in June this year, Charu despatched a notice to Rajeev seeking to part ways at the same time. Following this, Rajeev also replied to her observe with another observe that accused her of hiding her first marriage. The two leveled numerous allegations in opposition to every other before they decided to reunite in September for their daughter. But, they’ve yet again parted ways.

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