Varun Dhawan Makes Plans To Get ‘Andar Ki Khabar’ From Amazon Prime- Checkout!

Prime Video dropped a funny film some days back where we saw Varun Dhawan being addressed by everybody in his region for the interior scoop on Amazon Originals.

The video highlights his warm relationship with Prime Video as the performing artists endeavors diverse ways to get this data from his “friend” who works at the benefit. However, when it doesn’t work and can see Varun taking it up as a challenge to induce top-secret data himself. Video dropped a funny film one or two of days back where we saw Varun Dhawan being addressed by everybody in his region for the interior scoop on Amazon Originals.

Nowwithin the second film, that released earlier today, it may be a continuation where Varun Dhawan is depicted as the man-with-a-plan as he tries diverse strategies to induce get to to this classified data. The video exhibits Varun coming over a record on the budget of the Shahid Kapoor starrer Farzi where he is shocked to see the cost of his hairstyling budget and ponders why its three times higher than his claim.

He also goes to the extent of planting a microchip on one of the employees’ shoulderWhereas he is energized to know about the stars they need to work with, he gets disillusioned when they talk about his brother Rohit Dhawan as well as South star Vijay Deverakonda but never take VD’s title.

He takes it up as a challenge and breaks into an impromptu dance number in the midst of the workers at the Amazon Prime office but before long realizes that in some cases the most effortless of plans can really assist you hit the big stake.

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