As Bollywood has always been a place where actors usually find their soul mates in other actors, it has become quite a popular place in terms of match making. Where most of them marry their on screen co-stars or others that they have worked with, there are a few who despite of becoming popular faces of glam and glitz, take their wedding vows with partners whom they have known way before they entered the world of acting and cinema.

One such actor who decided to date his childhood best friend and all time support system is actor and performer Varund Dhawan. Natasha Dalal, a Mumbai-based designer, is Varun Dhawan’s childhood sweetheart and best pal. Though the two were not dating for quite a long time even after calling each other ‘best friends’, they started their romance once things settled down and Natasha decided to move to pursue her career. Speculations about their wedding have been making rounds in the media ever since.

It was only recently when Varun was spotted at the Dalal Residence with his family, dressed in all ethnic from head to toe. Where the media and other news portal reported their family gathering to be a possible ‘roka ceremony’ of the couple, Varud brushed off all such rumours with a single hands on clarification post. As soon as he got his eyes on what the media might frame this whole scenario as, the young actor took to his twitter and tweeted, “Hey guys before u let ur imagination run wild it was a birthday party, wanted to clarify before any false news is spread cheers,”.

Though it became known later that the actor was there with his family to celebrate the birthday of his girlfriend Natasha Dalal’s father, Raju Dalal, the netizens and other fans were quite suspicious as to why all the family members were dressed in festive outfits, and leaving with gift bags. As each member of the Dhawan-Dalal fam-jam was all smiles while posing for the paparazzi, this family get together was also joined by Karan Johar, a close friend of the Dhawan family and a former mentor to the young actor.