Vastu Ideas For Couples To Avoid Arguments, Separation!

All couples must do all possible to avoid unnecessary and mentally draining disputes so that they do not regret anything later. There are a few Vastu treatments that can be readily followed in addition to talking to a marriage counsellor and discussing it. Here are a few of those bedroom-only therapies that can be tried by all couples to avoid unpleasant conflicts and separation.


The greatest place to keep your bed is on the southwest side of the house. You must sleep with your head facing south or east and your legs facing west or north. It’s all about the quality of your sleep, which has an impact on your mood. Also, make sure your bed is built of wood rather than metal, as metal vibrates negatively. Instead of sleeping on two separate mattresses, try sleeping on one. Place your bed in the centre of your room to avoid blocking positive energy.

The Floor Mop

Mopping the floor with sea salt mixed in the water at least once a week is intriguing and reputed to be a quite effective treatment. This will help in removing negative energy.


Keep only a few pillows on the bed and avoid adding any more, as this is supposed to attract obstacles, particularly for couples.

Wall Decor

Do not display or hang pictures with negative signs on your bedroom wall. There will be no fights, depictions, battles, or anyone crying, regardless of how expensive the painting is or how exquisite the artist’s work is. Stick to bright colours and cheerful couple photos. Your room must include images that emanate positivity.


Clutter or chaos is a constant source of negativity. Not only Vastu but also Feng Shui advises decluttering to welcome positive energy into your home, as this has an impact on your life. This is true not only for couples but also for solitary people.


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