Vicky And Harleen Broke-Up, Here Is The Proof

Heartthrob Vicky broke many hearts when he got involved with Harleen Sethi. He has a ton of female fans and why not. He is good looking is full of talent. On the show, Karan showed a click in which one of his friends disclosed that Vicky is not good at flirting and he doesn’t get the hint when girls show interest in him. It was on the same show when Vicky accepted his relationship. Karan asked Vicky if he is in a relationship, then Vicky nodded and accepted that he is dating someone. When he was asked to elaborate more about it, Vicky said, “Let’s see what happens. It’s new.”

Well, we have a kind of bad news. Vicky and Harleen broke up and its on an ugly note. Vicky has unfollowed Harleen on Instagram which indicates that he does not want to see her. Also, Vicky is in no mood to attend calls or respond to text messages and same with his dad Shyam Kaushal who also must be a tad rattled at least. And, Harleen wants to entertain any other talk except the current status of her relationship with Vicky.

When spotboyE tried to reach Harleen on Sunday evening and she said, “I really don’t want to talk about this”, clearly hinting that she doesn’t want to talk about it if it had indeed happened. Still, the actress told that she would call back as she was driving then. She did not call back which made them wonder she needed time. Yesterday, the team again called her but she was again driving. They asked, “Still driving?”. She said, “I will call you back”. They asked if she wanted to speak off record. Harleen was still reluctant, but what needs to be noted here on our two-day exercise is that not once did she say that Vicky and she have NOT broken up. So basically, she did not confirm but did not deny either.

Well, we hope they talk to each other and reunite.


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