Vidyut Jammwal Replies To Paparazzi’s Remark On Nude Pics: ‘Taste Acha Hai’

Vidyut Jammwal’s nude photos from a Himalayan retreat stirred up a social media storm. The actor, now back in Mumbai, expressed his delight when a photographer complimented his recent pictures from the retreat. Vidyut had garnered mixed reactions for sharing images from his nature-filled solitude, where he not only forwent all luxuries but also shed all his clothes.

Vidyut on his jungle pics

Recently photographed in Mumbai, Vidyut appeared casual in a white t-shirt, complemented by a statement jacket and grey joggers. While busy checking something on his phone, a member of the paparazzi complimented him, saying, “Your pictures from the jungle were good.” Vidyut, pausing for a moment, removed his Airpods, smiled in response to the kind words, and replied, “You have good taste.” Subsequently, he entered a building. The video capturing this interaction has surfaced online.

Vidyut’s controversial pics

Earlier this month, Vidyut surprised fans by sharing bold photos from the retreat. Completely forgoing clothes, he portrayed activities such as bathing, cooking, and embracing the lifestyle of a true yogi in the jungle.

The idea behind his lifestyle

Sharing the pictures on X, Vidyut expressed, “My retreat to the Himalayan ranges – ‘the abode of the divine,’ started 14 years ago. Before I realized, it became an integral part of my life to spend 7-10 days alone every year.” Explaining his ritual, he added, “Transitioning from a life of luxury and adulation to the wilderness, I enjoy discovering my solitude and realizing the importance of knowing ‘Who I am not,’ the first step in understanding ‘Whom am I.’ It also involves fending for myself amidst the quiet luxuries provided by nature.”