Vijay Deverakonda And Ananya Panday Left Mall After Girls Fainted And Crowd Got Uncontrollable

South superstar Vijay Deverakonda and Ananya Panday are promoting their upcoming film Liger in full swing. The actors recently attended a promotional event at a mall but had to leave mid-way. The fan following of both the actors is huge and people are waiting to see them on big screens. However, the love that both the actors enjoy from the audience recently became the reason for them to leave an event.

Yesterday, at a Navi Mumbai mall Vijay and Ananya reached out to promote their film. But, the number of people that turned out was huge and it became uncontrollable for the team to control them. The mall soon was filled with people and in no time got overcrowded by the fans and followers of the stars. As soon as Ananya and Vijay stepped on the stage to address the people the cheering and hooting got louder.

The fans got so excited to see both the actors that reportedly girls started fainting in the crowd. In a video circulating online from the event, Vijay Deverakonda could be seen thanking the people for turning but also requesting them to be safe. The female fans in the crowd were holding the posters of Arjun Reddy in which Vijay played the lead part.

After a while, both actors had to leave mid-way considering the safety of people. Later, the Dharma production’s official handle also shared a story on Instagram. In the story, it was mentioned that the whole Liger team was overwhelmed with the love showered on them at the mall. But unfortunately, the team had to leave for the safety of everyone.

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