Vikas calls Hina ‘Chaalu’, Karan Patel starts trolling her on Twitter, “Arre yeh kya? #MissGrace ne apne ..”

The Bigg Boss house is all about drama, fights and controversies. All the contestants get into ugly fights now and then. This one is turning out to be a rather bad experience for Hina Khan. Hina, who entered the show saying that she will maintain all grace inside the house and take stand for the right flipped as she entered the house and what we got to see, was a completely different person. Through the weeks, Hina has proved herself to be really evil, mean and manipulative. Also, she is seen making big issues out of every single thing inside the house to grab eyeballs. Viewers and celebs have been spreading all hate for her over their social media handles.

Recently, Hina Khan was seen getting into an ugly fight with Vikas Gupta. During this fight, Vikas called Hina ‘Chalu’. Hina got offended when Vikas called her ‘Chalu’ and she started shouting at him for the same. Surely, the way Hina made an issue of nothing during this fight looked fake somehow. Fans have been reacting to it negatively.

Now, Karan Patel who recently visited the contestants inside the house also took a dig at Hina Khan with his tweets. When he visited the house, he told Hina how she has been looking fake outside because of her behavior inside the house. Now his tweets over the recent fight are hilarious.

He first tweeted, “Arre yeh kya? #MissGrace ne apne #Luv ko hi #Nomination mein #Shove kar diya…. #Chalu jo hua acha hua … come on guys its time for your #DamageControlReplies … chalo #Chalu ho jao …”

And Karan didn’t stop; he kept showering trolls over twitter. He also took a dig on Hina’s friendship with Lu.

Remember Salman Khan making fun of Hina’s expressions on the show and telling her that she isn’t looking really great on the screen? Karan didn’t leave that too. He had something to say on that too. He tweeted, “The Oxford Dictionary has just declared that from now, two words #Shameless and #MissGrace mean the same …! #BigBoss11 @BeingSalmanKhan bhai kya #Swag se #LagaiHaiVaat #YehExpressionKyaKehlataHai ?”

Karan didn’t spare Hina’s PR team as well. He tweeted, “Kya yaar #MissGrace ka pre-paid pyaar apna PR theek se nahi kar paya …. 😂😂😂😂😂  …”


“Not done guys … #MissGrace is trying to play well and she is not a temple bell, jo dekho aata hai aur baja ke chala jaata hai … 😂😂😂😂😂 #BigBoss11 #YehSachHyena ? 😂😂😂”

Ever since the show has begun, Karan Patel is hogging the limelight with his hilarious tweets. Do you agree with Karan’s opinion on Hina? Let us know in the comments section below.


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