Want A Raunchy Night? Watch These Seven Extremely Hot Movies And Get Turned On

Pasta and Cheese, Rain and Music, Foggy hills and Solo Rides, Friends and Dj parties.. woo! No doubt that these are the best combos till date and the latest addition to the list is definitely the Lockdown and Netflix. What was the one thing you missed all this while? Yes, those romantic dates out and a movie with your lover. How about watching Netflix and making your nights even sexier? Here are seven dangerously hot movies that will turn on you and your partner. Excited to watch them together? Read on:

Haseen Dillruba

I know that July has nothing to deal with the hotness. But trust me, you are going to get so heated up this July because Netflix is here with so many red-hot movies. To start with, let’s look at the Indian psychological thriller ‘Haseen Dillruba’.  This erotic thriller revolves around a woman suspected of murdering her husband. It’s a love triangle between a woman and two men.  The movie which has the Btown favourite Tapsee Pannu in its lead role will stream on Netflix from July 2nd.

Dance of the Forty One

Now let’s explore some non-Indian hot movies. ‘Dance of the Forty One’ is a Mexican romance. And to your surprise, it’s the true story of a beautiful love affair between a congressman and a Mexican president. Not just sweet but sexy too. Never forget to watch it.

Ride or Die 

If the Mexican story happened between two men, Ride or Die is a Japanese romance between two women. This is a psychological thriller. It portrays the story of a woman who finds her former crush being snared in an abusive relationship. The story develops as she decides to save her crush taking extreme measures. Wanna know what happened then? Watch it on Netflix.

Safe Haven

Remember Nicholas Sparks’ novel ‘Safe Haven’? Well, this movie with the same name is a highly romantic love affair too. It’s between a small-town waitress and a benevolent widower. I should admit that this movie is going to make you fell in love so deep. Enjoy the night guys!


You think you escaped from the heat, perhaps a little bit. Monsoon is not just about love but it also talks about the famous Vietnam War. This romantic story has Henry Golding in its lead. It narrates the lovely journey of Kit, a British Vietnamese man who returns to his country after 30 years and falling for Lewis, an American man in Saigon.

Elisa & Marcela 

Want to know the story of Spain’s first modern same-sex marriage? Well, here it is. This movie is about the bewitching affair between Marcela Gracia Ibeas and Elisa Sánchez. So it’s ‘herstory’ than a mere story. Watch it out.

The Tree of Blood

The name gives you cold sweats, right? Worry not, because it’s a steamy Spanish romance. The plot develops as a young couple visits an old farmhouse belonging to the woman’s family. There they find their shared genealogical roots and that terrible secret that could ruin the charm of their wonderful relationship. Why wait? Get your movie right now on Netflix. Have a good time!


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