Want To Eat Healthier And Save The Nature? Plant Based Diet Is Your Answer.

Call it a silver lining but the onslaught of Coronavirus pandemic has hit the meat lovers harder than ever. People from all around the globe are ditching meat and are hopping on to adapt a vegetarian eating. Though there is not much data available on the decline of consumption of non-vegetarian food but its safe to say that the shift is happening and its getting bigger every day.

According to Plantbasednews.com, Veganism is the easiest approach if you really want to contribute in saving the planet. PETA says that animal agriculture is the leading culprit for the release of greenhouse gasses in the environment which later causes global warming and ozone depletion.

With environmentalist like Greta Thunberg, David Attenbough, Leonardo Di Caprio and more who are promoting veganism or plant-based diet since a very long-time lot of their followers and netizens are adapting vegan lifestyle. According to a marketing company, SoLitSocial which analyzes the latest trends in millennials and gen Z says that plant-based diet is very popular amongst the youth because they find it very legit compares to their parents.

We are living in a very advance age, you go out and there is practically every plant based alternative for dairy and meat available. For dairy there is oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, tofu, vegan cheese and many other alternatives. When we talk about meat there is soy-based meat (also known as mock meat) and for egg you have flax seeds. In a nutshell there are endless alternatives if you are switching to a plant based , some of them might be just resting on your kitchen cabinets.

The biggest stigma around plant-based eating is ‘what about protein? How I’m going to get that?’. Well good news, they are not going anywhere. Protein exists in most of our foods like every soy product, quinoa, pulses, flax seeds, dry fruits, oatmeal and many other foods. And each of them is vegan and richly available in the market. As per a report published in The Guardian, diet which includes dairy and meat could be harmful to your body as it increases blood pressure and cholesterol which can cause heart diseases.

And speaking about taste and flavors, you don’t need to sacrifice either of it and still can enjoy a delightful meal. So if looking after your health and saving the environment is part of your new year plans then we say you go for it and adapt a plant based diet.

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