Want To Know How Tattoos Can Both Heal And Beautify The Body? Checkout!!!

Tattoos have been become popular in recent years, and they are now seen as a form of self-expression. The survey states that tattoos are no longer the domain of deviants or criminals. People acquire tattoos for a variety of reasons these days. Here are some of the ways that a tattoo can help trauma survivors to cope with their well-being.

  1. Getting public recognition by exposing hidden mental scars.

Some survivors believed that their experience left invisible scars, and that they had to “prove” that it existed to others.

  1. Being present during the trauma so that it is not forgotten.

The need for participants to share their terrible experience with others went hand in hand. This went with the assumption that society as a whole would commemorate the catastrophic occurrence. As a result, the tattoo served as a memorial to the horror for the individual who wore it and a reminder to others of what the survivor had gone through.

  1. After the loss of a loved one, tattoos can be therapeutic.

Perhaps every tattoo is a type of therapy on some level. It helps in releasing something from the depths of one’s psyche onto one’s skin in a true permanent spot. Tattoos can help bring closure. It can also help to start the process of emotional healing.

  1. After a traumatic event, the symbolic meaning of tattoo images

Survivors who had been through trauma however choose imagery tattoo that had a common meaning.

  1. Getting control of one’s body and change.

The loss of control is a common traumatic experience. As a result, getting a tattoo can be a form of reclamation. This is a way in which a survivor reclaims control over a physical or emotional injury.

  1. Tattoos can assist people in reclaiming their bodies.

People frequently acquire tattoos to overcome a terrible disease, such as cancer or depression. Serious illnesses can wreak havoc on one’s physique and bodily function. Tattoos can represent reclaiming one’s body from the disease. Tattoos can represent strength and survival. It also serve as reminders of a conflict.

As a result, tattoos can act as a window into feelings that might otherwise remain buried. Getting a tattoo can even be a form of self-expression. It is comparable to maintaining a journal but without words. It might be a means of conveying something personal and profound without having to say it out loud.

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