‘Want To Marry…’: Emma Watson’s Alleged Stalker Breaks Into Her NY Fashion Show Dressing Room!

A man named Chad Michael Busto was arrested during the Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Show, demanding to meet actress Emma Watson. Chad Michael Busto’s troubling stalker activities continue, this time with Emma Watson as a target. Continue to read!

Chad Michael Busto, who was previously arrested for stalking Drew Barrymore, was apprehended again, this time during New York Fashion Week. According to TMZ, Busto barged into a changing area in an attempt to locate and confront Emma Watson. The distressing incident is the latest in a spate of troubling stalker allegations involving Busto.

Emma Watson’s Stalker Enters The Fashion Show.

During the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Ralph Lauren New York Fashion Show, which was held on Friday, September 15, the incident occurred. According to court filings, Chad Michael Busto created a tumultuous scene inside the Brooklyn Navy Yard changing room during New York Fashion Week.

According to witnesses, he yelled at models and makeup artists, constantly professing his wish to marry Emma Watson and insisted on interacting with her and taking a photo with her. He reportedly stated, “I want to marry Emma Watson.” Allow me to talk with Emma Watson. Allow me to photograph Emma Watson.”

Busto did not have permission to attend the fashion show, became enraged when asked to leave, and refused, according to police. Prosecutors claimed the outburst disrupted preparations for the show, which was part of the biannual New York Fashion Week.

It was unclear if Watson, well known for her roles in the Harry Potter and live-action Beauty and the Beast films, attended the fashion show. A message seeking comment was sent with her representatives. Julianne Moore, James Marsden, and Jennifer Lopez were among the celebrities to attend the fashion show.

Emma Watson, who has faced with stalkers in the past, continues to prioritise her safety while vowing not to let such situations isolate her. As the judicial proceedings progress, it remains to be seen how the court system will respond to these concerning incidents.

At his arraignment on Saturday, Busto pleaded not guilty. Busto has been supervised by the Brooklyn district attorney’s office, according to a spokeswoman.

Stalker Busto Was Arrested Earlier For Stalking Drew Barrymore.

Busto’s disturbing behaviour predates the present event. On August 21, he was arrested for rushing the stage at a live event sponsored by Drew Barrymore at 92NY in Manhattan. During the occasion, Busto confronted Barrymore and demanded to see her.

Following that, Busto was arrested and charged with stalking in the Hamptons after police say he was seen going door-to-door asking for directions to Barrymore’s house in Sagaponack, Town of Southampton. The Drew Barrymore Show TV host and Scream actor were not present at the time.

Busto, 43, was released on his own recognisance. A message seeking comment was left with the lawyer named on court records for him.

Chad Michael Busto’s frequent stalking incidents have aroused major concerns, and his newest intrusion at a high-profile fashion event has contributed to the troubling pattern.