He Wanted Me To Be Mature, I Wanted To Be A Kid With Him

“Can’t you be little mature”, I have heard this line multiple times and every time I just ask one question “Why should I?”


My parents ask me to do so, my siblings, my teacher and the entire society ask me to be little mature and I found that this “corner”, yes this corner of my life would let me be. Yes, my love! I expect this much from you at least.


So are you in a relationship where you have been told to be mature, then you should reconsider it a little?


Yes! It is not necessary to be unreasonable, nagging and immature. No! It doesn’t work in that way but if “being mature” is the all-time demand of your relationship then, of course, it’s time to analyze.


Read where you are on the wrong track. See if you are doing all these things and still you are repeatedly listening to this “Mature Shit” then girls please be little self-loved:


  1. You Understand Him: Whether to cancel your awaited plan or a dinner date, you always understand his reasons of not meeting up such little-little things. You put his plans above yours.


  1. His Priorities are your Priorities: You prioritize him i.e. his priorities stand foremost for you. You never think twice before choosing his choices over yours.


  1. He gets his space: No matter what you want his time desperately but still you choose to give him space instead of nagging him by texting and calling. You give his “Me” time.


  1. You are pretty reasonable: Despite of being in a relationship which allows you a little to be kiddish, you are still pretty reasonable with your needs and expectations for the sake of your love and your partner.


  1. You have lowered your expectation: Every relationship craves for huge expectation but if you have gone way out for your partner by lowering your expectation, then you cannot invest much more into any relationship. This is the extremist point of your “maturity”.


So next time when this question hits your eardrum and your heartstrings altogether, then make sure you are able to take decisions which are meant for your goodness. Negative feelings not just hamper a cord between you and him, but it cracks your self-believe in you.


“He wanted me to be mature, I wanted to be a kid with him”, Indeed girl! You can ask for, you can ask for more.


You are meant to giggle, you are meant to be pampered and you are the finest definition of a woman.


Love yourself more than anyone else because the glue for your broken pieces is in your hands, Darling. Wish that you never need that glue.


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