‘Was Overconfident’: Shahrukh Khan Once Crashed Stunt Car On Don 2 Sets, Recalls Co-Star Alyy Khan

In a riveting revelation, Alyy Khan, co-star of the blockbuster film Don 2, shared the gripping tale of an unexpected accident that transpired on set, involving none other than Bollywood’s king, Shah Rukh Khan.

During the filming of a crucial car chase scene in the bustling streets of Berlin, Shah Rukh Khan, known for his charismatic presence on screen, found himself at the centre of an unforeseen debacle.

With Alyy Khan seated by his side and the pressure of a high-octane stunt weighing heavily upon them, Shah Rukh’s unwavering confidence inadvertently led to a disastrous turn of events.

The Costly Consequences Unraveled

As the scene unfolded, with adrenaline pumping and cameras rolling, Shah Rukh Khan’s split-second misjudgment resulted in a collision that reverberated with financial repercussions. The crash, magnified by the mounting tension of the shoot, inflicted damages exceeding an astounding Rs 2.5 crore, sending shockwaves throughout the production crew.

Despite meticulous planning and the allocation of a designated shooting area spanning a square kilometre, the unforgiving reality of filmmaking reared its head as Shah Rukh’s miscalculation shattered the carefully orchestrated sequence, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

“As he turned left because he was late by a couple of seconds, the other stunt rammed directly into us. Immediately, Shah Rukh looked at me and asked if I was okay. I said I was fine. Everyone gathered around, checking if everything was okay. But there was a loss of €300,000 because the camera equipment had been damaged. Gone in a flash,” he said.

Lessons Learned and Redemption Sought

In the aftermath of the calamity, Shah Rukh Khan, known for his humility and candour, humbly acknowledged his role in the fiasco, attributing it to a momentary lapse in judgment fueled by overconfidence. With hindsight as his guide, Shah Rukh candidly reflected on the incident, deeming it one of the most humbling experiences of his illustrious career.

While the mishap cast a temporary shadow over the production, the resilience of the cast and crew prevailed, culminating in the eventual triumph of Don 2 at the box office. However, the saga didn’t end there, as Alyy Khan’s candid critique of Shah Rukh Khan’s performance hinted at the underlying tensions simmering beneath the surface.

As the curtain fell on Don 2’s chapter, a new dawn emerged, signalling the dawn of a rebooted franchise with Ranveer Singh poised to take the reins, promising audiences a fresh perspective on the iconic tale of Don.

In essence, the tale of Shah Rukh Khan’s epic set mishap serves as a cautionary reminder of the unpredictable nature of filmmaking, where triumph and tribulation intertwine, shaping the narrative in ways unforeseen.