Plz dont reveal my name


Im mom of 15months baby boy. Mine was an arramged mrg. Within a week of mrg aftr startd our lyf my hubby askd why didn’t yu bleed. I got shocked just told u already knew in a sportsperson also riding bicycle the rest i googled him and gave. Aftr tat he didn’t spoke anythnh abt it. But my mil askd me the same in an indirect way she was sharing her own experiences so i never minded it. Within a weeks of my marriage i came to knw tat they have lakhs of debts. On not knowing abt my mil real character i trusted out her crocodile tears as a real. I gave my jwels for their debt. One gudness is i kept the jwel on my name. My married lyf was full of tragedy aftr my confirmation of pregnancy. My mil told to my parnts tat..keep ur daughter with u itself she wont suit to our fmly.This was utterrd on the very next day of my pregnancy confirmation. On tat same day we went to their hme and my parnts askd why wt was d reason behind tis statement. Mil wr keep on telling this nd tat wr my husband kept 🤐. Didn’t even opened his mouth. My husband didn’t taken care of me nd his baby. He didn’t buy not even fruits also for medicines, neither a single penny for mobile recharge. Inspite of my pregnancy sickness i went to wrk as he canot afford me the basic needs of mine. I went to dctr with my own penny. He wont take me to scan centre. Before the scan date he will leave me to my dad’s hme. So tat he dont wanna spend money on my medical expenses…like wise everything continued. During my 5th month scan Due to critical situation i was told to be on complete bed rest. So i came to my parents hme. He never talked to the baby when he was inside my womb. Whenever ill tell him to talk or touch the belly he wont rather he will try to seduce me wr dctr told strictly on rest. He never mind it. He wanted to be in relationship wr i didnt allowed so he tried to behave abnormally like he wont slp he will just wakeup nd sit like smething. I even had explained him abt my mood swings but ne never listend to it. Many of my nights went sleeplessness…till issues went worse but I thought aftr arrival of baby he nd evrythng will change. But i was wrong. He came to hospital like a 3rd person and saw the baby mil checked whether anything of the babies appearance resembles my hubby. Aftr tat till 1 1/2 months he as a father never came to c his child (only few kms distance btwn both house). He never inquired even through a msg. I totally broked. Aftr tat he came at once and saw d baby thn wnt. He nd his fmly spoiled out my name character everything. I kept mum let me see wht level they’ll go. He never paid the interest for tat jewel loan he never showed luv to his baby never bought a single cloth to his baby. At one stage he lied to othrs tat im nt showing the baby to him. So aftr hearing this i strictly prohibited him on seeing the baby. I waited till the 2nd anniversary of ours there was no msg, cls, nng. So aftr tat i decided to be strong enough to lead my lyf as a single parent. On the nxt day of my anniversary i posted a pic of mine with the baby on fb wr some of his relatives are my their on my frndslist. Aftr this post now he wants to c my baby. He s finding way to c my baby wants to take a selfie nd to post on FB. I feel very bad on this behavior. Now he can confirm tat baby seems like him. So he wish to c my babyah. I couldn’t trust him. I lost all the trust on him. Wat shall i do? Shall i give him a chance im in a confused state. Plz guide me.