After your BFF’s breakup, you obviously don’t want to see her this way and want to do whatever makes her happy. No matter how happy she looks from outside, she needs you nonetheless. She won’t ask for a shoulder to cry on, but being with her during this time will constantly remind her that you are amongst people she can always count on. And isn’t that what friendship is all about. You have to be there for each other during such times and prove your friendship in every way. Here are some of the activities you can do with your BFF after her breakup to help her deal more positivity and beat up the breakup blues!

She needs someone to listen to her. Let her but don’t join in. Just hear out and let her vent out!


Petting a puppy or a kitten can help her a lot during this phase. Take her to a local animal shelter which will help your friend de-stress and take her mind off things!


Invite your squad for a night in to play games and talk about stuff. Trust me its a great way to get your BFF to let her hair down.


Ask her to get rid of all the store mementoes of the relationship by handling them to you!  keeping old memories will keep on upsetting her!


Treat her to a peaceful massage or set up a DIY spa session at home. Spend the entire day doing skincare routines and treating yourselves to relaxing scents.

Order pizza just as your BFF likes! She decides! Enjoy a light-hearted rom-com along with the pizza.


Take your BFF to a nightclub for partying, if she agrees to it. Dancing and partying will surely cheer her up!


Go for shopping! Even taking her out for an evening window shopping and street food can bring her comfort.