Ways You Can Identify If Your Man Is Excessively Dominant- Check Out!

When your partner is domineering and egoistic, it might be quite obvious. Constant conflicts and power shifts can be an indication that your man is attempting to dominate you in the relationship. And it can quickly become claustrophobic to be with someone who solely tries to make you feel inferior. If you have a gut sense that your partner is being far too domineering, these telltale indications of dominance will assist you.

He is extremely jealous and possessive.

If your partner becomes insanely jealous every time you chat to someone, there may be a problem. Jealousy is mostly bad, and it can lead to irrational behaviour fueled by dominance and superiority. They will try becoming dominant and will even ask you to avoid your friends for a while.

He doesn’t understand space

If he has no concept of personal space in a relationship and constantly exceeds your limits without guilt, he has domineering tendencies in his personality. He isn’t concerned with what you do, but rather with whether or not he is involved in your work.

He expects you to be there always

A domineering man will want you to be there for him at all times, regardless of the scenario. Refusing him does not appear to be an option. And if you dare to do the latter, you have no idea how furious he will be!

He criticizes everyone around you

You will notice that your partner is harsh on your family members. He will discover flaws in everyone and will do his utmost to emphasize them. He will try to exert control over you by deciding who you should meet and who you should avoid meeting. You will gradually get estranged from the people in your life.

He blames you for everything

You’ll find your partner blaming you for everything, even if it’s his fault. It’s his technique of controlling you. Nobody wants to be the recipient of blame and guilt, especially if it is not their fault. A domineering man will find ways to make you feel guilty even if it isn’t your fault.

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