Weather Forecast in September; Check It Now

Ranchi Weather Forecast in September

India is a country with a sub equatorial climate influenced by monsoons. Autumn is becoming a more favorable season every day. At this time, you can appreciate the picturesque nature, because after the last rainy season, all the vegetation comes to life. Ranchi weather is characterized by hot temperature, but it is rather mild due to the mountains.

The air warms up to about +30 degrees. The average high air temperature is +29°C, and the average low temperature is +21°C. It is in this month that the weather returns to normal and has moderate temperatures.

The weather in Ranchi  in autumn is dry, humid and rather warm. It would seem that summer should already pass away, but warm weather is still here, notwithstanding the fact it will be rather rainy in the first half of the month. It seems that life is returning to the plants again, since even the leaves yellowed from the heat take on a fresh look. Though it will be rather hot and dry in the second part of the month.

Patna Weather in September

One of the oldest cities in India, Patna has humid subtropical climate with rainy season from June to September. During the monsoon period, the monthly amount of precipitation exceeds 100 mm. The air temperature stays still:

  • at the beginning of the month is kept at +29°C;
  • during the day it reaches +33°C;
  • at night it can drop to +24-25°C.

Patna weather forecast is rather positive at the end of September: the air temperature is +29°C, during the day it reaches +33°C, and at night it drops to +25°C.

During the day, it is quite hot: the average daytime temperature is kept at 33 degrees and can reach 39 (maximum recorded temperature). Better to stay in the shade or stay at home from 12 to 17 hours. On average, 199 mm of precipitation falls in Patna in September.

Weather in Patna will be rainy till the end of the month, though it will be rather hot. Unfortunately, the number of sunny days is much less than the number of cloudy days in September. But it is not for long as the monsoon season will be gone at the end of the month.

Varanasi weather Forecast in September

Varanasi has a warm and temperate climate. In September the weather returns to normal, there is almost no rain, in the daytime it is still quite hot — +25-27°С. At the end of September, the air temperature is 28 degrees, during the day it reaches 32 degrees, and at night it drops to 24. Varanasi weather is still warm and humid.

During the day, it is quite hot: the average daily temperature is kept at 32 degrees. On average, 202 mm of precipitation falls in September. The accurate weather in Varanasi  forecast can be seen at the Meteoprog website.

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