Wedding On Cards: Are Tom Holland & Zendaya Marrying Soon?

Tom Holland and Zendaya appear to be getting more serious as it is now reported that they are going to marry. Tom Holland and Zendaya’s romance has been going strong, and the couple appears to be making plans for the future.

According to rumours, Tom and Zendaya are thinking about marriage and “settling down” more than a year after making their romance official. According to a US Weekly insider, the couple appears to be “serious and permanent.”

The Hollywood IT pair has been together for over a year, and their relationship is becoming more serious by the day. Both met in 2016 when they were cast as Spider-Man and MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tom and Zendaya became close after acting in the Spider-Man franchise together, and the two first ignited relationship rumours after photographs of the couple kissing went public. Following that, the couple was seen on vacation together, and eventually, Holland and Zendaya made their romance red carpet official for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. The couple has kept their romance quiet and has expressed a desire to keep things secret during interviews.

According to US Weekly, a source informed the publication that the couple’s relationship is becoming more serious and that the two have been talking about plans, implying that marriage may be in the works for the two.

According to a source, they are both in the process of settling down and looking forward to a long-term future together.  Previously, there were claims that the couple was preparing to move in together, but Tom shut down rumours that they were planning to buy a house together in London.

Last year, the actor discussed his future intentions and his desire to establish a family. I’d like to take a break and concentrate on starting a family and determining what I want to accomplish outside of this world.”

On various occasions, Tom and Zendaya have expressed a desire to keep their relationship private.

In 2021, Tom told GQ, “It’s not a topic that I can have without her.” I respect her much too much to express… This is not my tale. This is our tale. And we’ll discuss what it is when we’re ready to discuss it together.” While the couple hasn’t disclosed much about their relationship in interviews, their flirtatious exchanges on social media show how lovely their bond is.

Tom and Zendaya were later seen holding hands on the red carpet for the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Since then, the relationship has been going strong, and Tom recently joined Zendaya on her Dune 2 set to spend time with her.

On Professional Front: Tom Holland is working on a series called ‘The Crowded Room,’ as well as a biopic on Fred Astaire. Zendaya is now working on Dune 2 and Challengers.