Layered Fusion

Undoubtedly, wedding is a grand and opulent affair. Just like decoration, music, food etc are an essential part of the wedding, the attire and jewellery worn by the bride is another centre of attraction and a hot topic for gossip. Choice of the jewellery reflects the aesthetic sense of a person.The modern bride is getting experimental giving a much needed farewell to the old bridal sets.Brides prefer separates and individual pieces that can be worn in myriad ways.


Trend of jewellery changes with time and matching jewellery is what was preferred earlier. But nowadays, contrasting jewellery is highly preferred to highlight the grace of your dress. One such trend is Layered necklaces or Rani haar.

indian-wedding-jewelry-3Well layering is not limited to just clothing. After the comeback of choker trend, the pairing of chokers with longer and thicker necklaces is raging the wedding market this season. Also Rani haar gives a luxurious and rich look making you feel like one. Whether your dress is heavy or slightly plain, pairing it with a rani haar will make you look extremely elegant and royal.


  1. Don’t hesitate to test your creativity skills and you can create your own style by layering necklaces of the same base or you can even mix it up with 2-3 other different varities.
  2. Delicate pearls are best options for layering as they also element a very vintage feel or even gold beaded necklaces can be layered with statement chokers.
  3. Since as a bride you don’t want to take chances and look best at your wedding, while you layer and experiment just make sure to do it in the best possible way.
  4. Make sure that the longest piece of the jewellery while layering, ends not below the navel or it can look overwhelming.


Do take advices from your relatives, family members and your best friend to ensure and so that your creations won’t make you face any surprises on your big day.Pricey they may be, but with one piece like this in your trousseau, your look will go from great to wow. With the right amount of style and bling, you are set to be a stunner on your big day.

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